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An automobile accident can cause life-threatening injuries and other obvious physical trauma that requires emergency care. Other injuries that may at first glance seem more minor — such as fractured ribs, neck, low back injury, whiplash or headaches/ concussion — can significantly impair your ability to function. These injuries may also result in chronic pain syndrome that can affect your life for months to years following the accident.

Shyam Purswani, MD, is a subspecialty board-certified interventional pain management specialist who is well-known for his expertise in treating the types of personal injuries often sustained during an auto accident. Many of his patients have benefited greatly from hiring a qualified personal injury attorney to help ensure they get the current and future medical care necessary to overcome the effects of an injury.

A personal injury lawyer can reduce stress, speeding your healing

Whether you’re experiencing pain from neck & back injuries, torn ligaments in your knees or the effects of a concussion or traumatic brain injury, the additional stress of negotiating financial concerns with an insurance company while trying to recover and not to mention the loss of work in many cases could be detrimental to healing. As your advocate, an attorney deals with the routine stress and provides you with detailed reports regarding your case.

This includes communicating with your insurer, the other driver’s insurer, and health care providers. Without a lawyer, the responsibility is yours. Your attorney’s advocacy frees you of that stress so you can focus on rehab and healing.

A personal injury lawyer makes sure the bills are paid

Personal injury claims and settlements are governed by detailed documentation that includes bills from the hospital, labs, and all of the providers involved in your case. This may include the lab that analyzed your blood tests, the physical therapist you saw in the hospital, the radiologist who studied your X-rays, and other doctors involved in your care.

With so many providers to consider, it’s easy to miss an invoice that’s related to your accident and subsequent injury. An experienced lawyer combs through every pertinent bill to ensure it’s included in your final settlement. By obtaining accurate medical records and recommendations from your health care provider, your attorney also helps ensure that future expenses related to the injury are covered and that essential treatment isn’t delayed due to missing paperwork.

Expertise matters

When choosing a personal injury lawyer, it’s important to consider experience and skill. Filing the correct forms in a timely manner, communicating with your insurance company, gathering information about the long-term health consequences of your injury, and other roles your attorney takes on require legal expertise.

A missed filing or inaccurate documentation can affect your case and leave you with unpaid bills and little to no legal recourse. When selecting an attorney, consider personal referrals from friends, recommendations from your state’s bar association, and your own instincts when you meet with the lawyer for the first time.

When you’ve been injured, Dr. Purswani’s priority is to provide not only most effective Interventional Pain Management but also coordinate all your care including Physical Therapy, timely workup including MRI’s , make appropriate referrals to neurosurgeon/ neurologist when & if medically necessary , call our San Antonio, Texas, office at (210) 899-7246 to schedule an appointment or book your visit online.

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